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Събитията такива, каквито бих искал да бъдат

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This is not an English version of my website or blog. However, since I live in England, I think I would be remiss not to say a few words in this language.

I designed my Bulgarian blog as a political blog and a place where I can upload my Bulgarian articles. It was presented by the press as the first Bulgarian political blog. I am not sure if this is true because the borders between political and any other blogs are quite blurred.

Updating a blog is a pain. Of course, it can be a delightful pain. I have just put a few links to some English pages. Here you can read something about me.  And here.

If you have enough time and unhealthy curiosity you can google me and you will probably find various things in English written by me.

To make things easier, here are a few links:

Mysterious sounds and mysterious silence - an article on Bulgarian culture

Tributes to Shevardnadze's wisdom are misplaced - reflections on the odd views many western politicians expressed about Shevardnadze. For some strange reason The Independent, where this article was published, says that I am a "European Commission researcher". I am not. And I can't imagine that such a statement adds any credibility to my reputation as author.

I also wrote an obituary (in The Independent) about a British diplomat who was killed in Turkey. Sad story; he was so much in love with Turkey.


Bulgaria is test case for Turkey's place in EU - from EUObserver on how Bulgaria can give us some clues on the future Turkish membership in the EU.

EU is idle onlooker to Bulgarian sleaze - article in EUObserver. It provoked a passionate reaction by a Bulgarian journalist, but, it seems, I was right and he was wrong. Unfortunately. In 2008, Bulgaria established its reputation as the most corrupt country in the EU. I can't blame EU for that, but there are interesting conclusions one can make about what the priorities of the EU should be when accepting new members. And I am a strong believer that Bulgaria has a rightful and significant place in the EU because it saved its Jews (although not in the most dignified way) during WWII. Since the main point of EU is not to have a second Holocaust, this view is not a result of excessive patriotism but a consideration of EU priorities.

I have written a few more short articles for The Independent.  For instance the one that says that the English are against the Euro because the pound is beautiful.

That one landed me on a BBC chat show with Rod Liddle and a few MPs and I had to explain why the pound is beautiful. Anyway, this is
the main reason the UK hasn't joined the Euro. As of early 2009, the pound does not look so beautiful anymore.

I have written an obscene number of articles on education. Here is one that somebody has translated into English. And this is
an article in Vagabond, a lovely Bulgarian magazine published in English, on the sad phenomenon of Bulgarian education slipping well behind Turkish education.

Recently (10/2/2009) one of the Polish quality dailies, Dziennik, published my article on the economic crisis and how it will change our lives. Since I wrote it in English, you can read it


And this is an essay that I have recently read on BBC3 - . You will have to click on this button to hear it.


The pictures are illustrations of my articles from Dnevnik.